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Are you thinking of investing? Please read the following article before moving forward.

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Investing was considered a far-off idea by many people until a few years ago.

However, the financial world has suffered great and important changes upon the arrival and development of technology, resulting in different benefits, such as the possibility to make capital investments through digital platforms.

Investment apps

Digital investment platforms are applications or softwares that allows you to put your money to work, giving you the necessary freedom and ease of managing your own accounts and resources directly. These platforms became relevant as a result of the pandemic. According to a TechCrunch publication, the downloads of these applications grew by 218% in 2021 worldwide.


Because of these platforms, financial inclusion has also grown by leaps and bounds. The innovation around them brings to investors multiple benefits, such as the possibility to improve their profits and fiscal handling of their savings or pension funds, compared to the traditional baking products. With the arrival of digital platforms, today it is easier to invest.

How do digital investment platforms work?

Traditionally, the negotiations for sale, purchasing or exchange of shares is done by phone or online through stock brokers. Previously, an investor needed a considerable amount of money to have access to a financial advisor, Model Portfolios, or simply to specific investment products, can now do so easily thanks to the digital services like investment platforms, robo advisors and a variety of investment funds.

Through a digital investment platform, you can take actions directly, from wherever you are and whenever you wish, controlling your own accounts and investments by yourself.

In Banorte Securities we know that changes in the financial and technological world do not stop, so neither do we. That is the reason why we precisely work to offer our clients the best products and services designed to meet their needs and, at the same time, global demands.

Therefore, we bring to light BAM Digital, the investment platform giving you access to products with active management such as Funds Model Portfolios designed by BlackRock, where the assets are assigned according to your  investment objectives and risk tolerance. This information is obtained from your investor profile, efficiently offering you geographic diversification and asset classes.

BAM Digital

The portfolios obtained through BAM Digital are always kept invested and used as financial instruments to optimise your investment goals. Furthermore, you have access to international markets under custody and control systems in the USA, with a democratization process of investments on accounts starting at $50,000 dollars.

Would you like to know more about BAM Digital and all the benefits you can get? Then click HERE  to know how you can invest while being in control of your accounts.

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