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This is how the cyberattack could affect the price of gasoline in Houston

Houston Texas. – The city of Houston will not be affected by the increases in gasoline prices that are registered in other parts of the United States, assured a specialist in financial matters.

“Ironically no, derived from the fact that Houston in our area is a production area, the pipeline that was attacked serves as a distribution,” said the economist, Víctor Bujanda.

The Colonial Pipeline company claims to be in the process of restarting areas of its network, and some states are experiencing a state of emergency.

“In Houston what we would have is likely that there could be temporary layoffs because the production of gasoline, diesel and others would have to be lowered,” said the expert.

Bujanda says this situation is likely to cause some flights to have to add a new stopover to supply jet fuel and Houston could be affected because it has one of the main airports in the country.

“We could have delays or an interruption in the normal operations of the airport,” he said.

For its part, the AAA Texas agency urged the population not to make panic purchases for gasoline, but advises to add more to the car when it has a quarter of a tank of fuel left.

“Most likely it will contribute to price increases and limited supply of fuel before the holidays, but this will not happen in Texas, it will be more in Mississippi and Tennessee,” he said.
Joshua Zuber, spokesman for AAA in Houston.

Specialists on the subject believe that the cost of gasoline will continue to rise because it is normal in the summer season and they anticipate a 60 percent increase in travelers on the roads of Texas on Memorial Day weekend.

Meanwhile, the AP news agency announced on its social networks that Colonial Pipeline, the company that manages the largest gas pipeline in the country, has begun the restart of operations after hackers caused a shutdown that caused the panic shopping.

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