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Expert explains real estate market factors to consider if you are buying or selling a home.

Published June 16, 2021

A parent sold his home with the intention of acquiring another at an expected price of $370,000. He claims that the property he wanted to buy, two months later, already cost $388,000. Víctor Bujanda, senior vice president of Banorte Securities, explains that, in addition to the low inventory and the high demand for homes, there is also the increase in the price of construction materials.

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Will Houston be impacted by the price of gasoline after the Colonial Pipeline attack? An expert explains.

Published May 12, 2021

The fuel distribution company suffered an attack that has affected the operations of the largest oil pipeline in the country and has caused a rise in the cost of gasoline in several areas. Víctor Bujanda, senior vice president of Banorte Securities explains that it is not expected that the city will have an increase in prices or shortages because "Houston is a production area," although it is likely that some flights will be affected.

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Univision 45: What is President Biden’s infrastructure plan that seeks to create more jobs?

Published April 21, 2021

Víctor Bujanda, senior vice president of Banorte Securities, explained the program proposes carrying out several projects to create or improve existing infrastructure in the country and thus generate more jobs. "It promises to be very important relief for those who are currently unemployed due to the pandemic," said Bujanda.

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Univision 45: Biden Tax Plan

Published March 23, 2021

Víctor H. Bujanda, Senior Vice President at Banorte Securities, spoke with Univision 45 in Houston to discuss how the Biden Administration’s tax plan could impact the economy. The President announced a plan to raise taxes on those who earn more than $400,000 and increase the corporate tax from 21% to 28%.

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Univision 45: Stimulus Package Impact on Houston Economy

Published March 15, 2021

Banorte Securities expert Víctor H. Bujanda explains that the checks represent "money that is going to enter the economy" and that this has a "multiplier effect that will generate jobs, demand for products and an improvement in economic activity." Bujanda believes that the effects of this aid will be seen this year in the midst of the commercial reactivation.

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KRIV-FOX 26: Banorte Securities Relocates to Houston

Published September 15, 2020

CEO Xavier Ibarrola recently spoke with FOX26 Houston reporter Heather Sullivan on Banorte Securities’ relocation to Houston and how our team will impact the Hispanic community’s approach and access to wealth management.

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